Sabtu, April 11, 2009

relationship and its own things..

My friend tagged me her note, and here is the note :

a super slut (not super star. cause she's an actress) take all of her clothes in front of my boyfriend. what should i do?
*make some scratch on her face?
*bunch her hair?

*still believe with him?

WHAT SHOULD I DO?!!! it makes me insane slowly.

I was confused what I should write her, after finally I wrote :

i think scratch her face should be great, you've long and sharp nails, ahahahahaaa! Ah don't take it too complicated, you haven't seen whether your BF is effected or not, the faith will set him. =)

It was bit shocking me, I know on previous that she’s fine with her BF, then why she came and tagged me a note like that? *questioning*

Do you think it’s helping or not? Whatever..

Tonight, my friend told me what chronologically happened. That girl took off her clothes while her (my friend) BF was watching TV, then swung her clothes near him (the BF), the BF was curious, “whose these?”, he babbled, a way before he looked that was a naked girl in front of his eyes. Every man should be shocked of course, and it could be a fantastic view for him, hahaha! The BF tried to be a trustworthy by telling my friend that accident. However, who wouldn’t be afraid if our partner tells about that to us? Everyone would, I think, and it’s normal in every similar condition.

I’m wondering, why that girl dared herself to be naked where she knows there’s a boy near her? In addition, why she didn’t use the toilet or another costume room!? Oh Lord, seems every relationship problem begins with a stupid matter. We usually hear or read or whatever the way is, somebody has a break up with her/his partner because an-uninvited-person. Then the faith will work, the trust will appear, back on how that person allow them to control the relationship, not by anger anymore. Anger is good for self-survival but not that good for relationship problems’ solution. I’m not an expert on love things, but I bet (as I told you before), the relationship is not about love alone, we need such several other things to get it long-lasting, and I think the faith, the trust, the hopes, and our religious manner are included.. =)

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ayu susanti aditya mengatakan...

i'm shocked!
hey, is she (a girl who took off her clothes) crazy??????????
i guess she can't think normally again..
emang cewek itu parah banget yaa sarah?i mean : she's a superslut, isn't she?

nityamonto mengatakan...

saraaaahh.. aku ngetag kmu.. check my latest blog..

Ajeng Sueztika Constitusia mengatakan...

oh my god
gila dan very super big slutty. what a girl!