Minggu, Maret 29, 2009

we left each other

Weew, it has been a year! About a year ago, on a same date, same month, my ex and me decided to end our relationship up. I forgot this day firstly, but my ex suddenly text me, here is my via-text message conversation :

: “hei, hari ini tanggal 29 ya, hehehe! (hey, today is 29th, isn’t? LOL)”.
Me :
“hahah, OMG iya ya, aku lupa!
Ya ampun, udah setahun ya! (OMG, yes it is, I forget! Oh my, it has been a year!)”
Him :
“iya Rah, aku lagi ngerayain sama temen-temen, hehehe. Sejujurnya, aku nggak dan belum bisa menghapus kamu dari ati aku, tapi aku juga tau, aku nggak mungkin bisa balik lagi ke hidupmu, walaupun aku udah berusaha lupain dengan jadian ama cewek lain, sampe akhirnya putus lagi, tetep kamu yang ada di dalam hatiku.
Sampai detik ini setiap tanggal 29, aku masih ngerayain. (yes Rah, i’m now celebrating it with my friends, LOL. Honestly, I haven’t been, and can’t erase you from my heart. Although I’ve tried to forget you with have a relationship with another girl, until broke up, you’re still in my heart. Till this time on every 29th, I always celebrate it.”
: =) =) =) (read : speechless)
: “ ^_^ maaf Rah, aku masih cinta kamu. (I’m sorry Rah, I still love you)”
: =) =) =) (read : speechless again)
: “bisa nggak aku ketemu kamu?
Aku kangen. (can i meet you? I miss you)
: “bisa. Nanti aku kabarin kamu. (yes, we can. I’ll contact you later)”
: oke. Good night Rah, met bobo. (Ok, Good night Rah, sleep well)

After that, I was just thinking about him, about us. Our memories, our fights, our intimacy, togetherness, everything. We had so many things; and it’s definitely hard for me to forget those. We actually belong to the different religion, I am Muslim, and he’s catholic. My dad was disagreed with our relationship, and so was his mum. My mum never mentioned it, she is more liberal than my dad, and his dad is Muslim too, he was fine. His mum is the most disagreed person, she had tried more and more to separate us, and he (my ex) used to be careful in every step he takes if it’s related to me, like make a phone call, sms, go out, and so on. And you know, have a backstreet relationship isn’t always good and easy. Sometimes it’s getting harder in some situations. But believe it or not, my ex and me can through it for almost 3 years (in add, we broke up on a same day we started it. Sick, huh? MORE THAN THAT, I was dying in my first 2 month).

Although he’s not a worth guy for me to deserve, and he has less maturity than I wanted, I still love him, the way he was. I didn’t care how childish he was, all I want was him. Then finally, I got tired, I was sick, and he was so. We decided to leave each other. Surely, it didn’t mean I hate him. I can’t hate someone who has given his time to me, he’s no need to be hated. But relationship is not about love alone, we need many things beyond love itself, to build a good relationship. Love can make us tougher to face anything, and it has an integration with such several other things. That’s why I was daring to end it up, for the sake of our future. He deserves another girl as I deserve another boy. We just had spent time together to fill our heart, to acknowledge this life better, to understand how it supposed to be, and I’ve learned many things with my relationship, our relationship. Thank God I found him, without him, I can’t know these all. =)

5 komentar:

ayu susanti aditya mengatakan...

did you miss him?
sabar yaaa!
you'll get someone better than him!

audrey mengatakan...

hua, kakak.. aku terharu baca smsnya. :)
btw, aku juga ngalamin yang sama loh. aku putus pas hari dimana aku tepat2 mingguan. :( heheh.
CUMA 2 MINGGUUU, tapi sedihnya sampe sekarang. sedih sedih. baca deh kak post aky yang judulnya "i just learnt something" hukss..

ka sarah, hwaiting!!

nenoneno mengatakan...

wow it's so sweet (the whole story plus the text message). do you still love him too? he does sound really nice when you wrote about him. :)

Anonim mengatakan...

sarah i knew what it felt.. and yes those kind of guy teach us something more than we think.. am i rite? take care sarah :)

Anne! mengatakan...

hey kak, i'm back loh hihihi apa kabar kak?
cie yang lagi dillemma... ayokak ayo balikan jaaaa... masih sama2 suka kan? hehehe