Selasa, Maret 10, 2009

homework from Neno

The next HW comes from neno.

And Here are the rules:
1. Put this award on your blog(s).
2. Put your very or the most aib (silly, shame, weird, whatever!) photo with no editing of course.
3. Give this award to people you know (at least 2).

Here is the photo.. *be ready!!!*

Why did I choose this photo : IDK, hahaha, I thought this photo was embarrassing me. I was sick when my twin brother took this photo (he has been asked by my mum to take care of me, but why he did this? haaaah!) , and look at my face, seems like I was dying there, LOL.

I think aib is : something dishonoured.. (???)

The most aib person : Sarah Azhari, Rahma Azhari, and another members of Azhari sibling. OMG. They’re so notorious, and why they looks proud being notorious? *nobody knows!*

now i'm tagging :
brigadista, evilinme, ajeng.

happy homework-ing guys, cheers.

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nenoneno mengatakan...

hahaha cute pic, to be honest! :P
kayaknya kalo Az**** family emang fenomenal for being notorious. :D