Rabu, Maret 25, 2009


I’m facing such a busy-stressful semester now, I can’t be often to update this blog and it’s bad at all. Blog writing is my hobby, and how come I can’t do my hobby? Darn. I’ve got only a year left to graduate my bachelor and seems it’s getting hard then. Nothing is easy in this world. According to the wise man, we have to pay (too) much attention to get what we want, to reach our dreams, to make our life worth living. I don’t want to sigh a lot, it won’t give me any better, but just another sigh.

I’ve chosen my minor, I chose clinical psychology, did I tell you before? That minor stereotyped as the hardest and busiest minor on entire psychological setting. I decided to choose this minor consciously, without force, spontaneity, and impulsivity, I did smart thinking, 100%! So I haven’t got any reason to be regret, and I won’t!! However, beyond everything, I’m only human who can feel depressed and sometimes overwhelmed, but hell-ooo, I’m not a baby now, I should and have to cope with all these. I don’t want to be spoiled, and I think I’m born to be strong, as what my family condition has treated me like, as my mum’s modeling, I’ll keep on silence if anything.

Ah damn, I can’t be longer here, I have to go to finish my assignment, but I’ll back soon. Tomorrow is holiday, hope I can spend at least my little time to write a post or (I hope) more.
See you guys later, and have a nice day.

And I want to say HAPPY CAKA NEW YEAR For you guys who celebrating it, may the silence bring us peace and awesomeness.. =)

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ayo sarah semangat... setaon lagi untuk menjadi sarjana... ayo ah...
tinggalkan dulu hal yang tidak penting dan lakukan yang penting *halah.. sotoy banget gw...*